Industrial Use of Magnets

Magnets are much more than mere toys; in fact, there are many industrial and business applications for this powerful technology. From medicine and manufacturing to heavy industry, magnets are used in a wide variety of settings. The unique characteristics of magnetic fields make magnets the perfect choice for studying everything from the inner workings of […]

Alnico5 Magnet

Let’s Show Some Love For Alnico Magnets

As we all know neodymium magnets are the most commonly talked about magnets in recent times. This is due mainly to their amazing pull strength and small size. The disadvantage of the neodymium magnet is its heat tolerance.  Although you can use coatings and different grades to increase the heat tolerance, one magnet that doesn’t […]

Ferrite (Ceramic) Vs. Neodymium Magnets

We are asked daily about the difference between Ferrite (Ceramic) and Neodymium magnets. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Benefits of Each Ceramic and neodymium magnets each have different benefits. Ceramic magnets are easy to magnetize. They are very resistant to corrosion and generally do not need extra coatings for corrosion protection. They are […]

Featured FAQ: How Are Magnets Made?

Neodymium magnets are some of the most powerful magnets in the world due to their properties as rare earth magnets. As rare earth magnets, they are derived from rare earth elements that, despite their name, are actually quite abundant as a natural resource. The designation of “rare earth” is a reference to the fact that […]

Magnet News – August 2021

The price of Neodymium reached a 9-year high in March 2021, rising by 42% since the beginning of the year (Trading Economics). As of the beginning of this month, the price is moving up to March’s high and experts estimate it could go even higher! The projected price trend in the short and long term […]