Alnico5 Magnet

As we all know neodymium magnets are the most commonly talked about magnets in recent times. This is due mainly to their amazing pull strength and small size. The disadvantage of the neodymium magnet is its heat tolerance.  Although you can use coatings and different grades to increase the heat tolerance, one magnet that doesn’t get considered enough is the Alnico magnet. Alnico magnets are a great choice for very high-temperature applications, with grades capable of operating at temperatures up to 550 degrees C (1022 degrees F). The only disadvantage to Alnico magnets is their lower pull strength when comparing a similar size neodymium magnet. Alnico magnets are generally stronger than regular ceramic magnets, they are also electrically conductive, unlike ceramic magnets. Reach out to us with your proposed application and we will be happy to discuss and recommend the proper magnet.