The price of Neodymium reached a 9-year high in March 2021, rising by 42% since the beginning of the year (Trading Economics). As of the beginning of this month, the price is moving up to March’s high and experts estimate it could go even higher!

The projected price trend in the short and long term is uncertain.

At Radial Magnets, the focus is on material, production, and engineering advice to support the cost-effective manufacturing of magnet assemblies and magnets.

This helps limit the effect of such price uncertainty.

For magnet assemblies, the magnet cost may only represent a third of the total system cost so advice on cost-effective shaft design vs magnet geometric profiling is valuable.

Halbach designs are used for high-performance rotors, greatly increasing the difficulty of traditional assembly and therefore cost.  However, such designs are perfect for in-house post-assembly magnetization, with associated savings in time and cost as well as de-risking the whole production process.

Radial Magnet’s design team can work closely with you to engineer the optimum solution.

We are here to help you! Reach out to us with any magnet questions or concerns.

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The Radial Magnets Team