Radial Magnet Inc. offers factory-direct pricing on custom and stock neodymium, rare earth, samarium cobalt, ceramic, alnico, and other industrial magnets for various commercial and industrial uses across the automotive industry, security industry, and more. The applications are endless from credit card readers, stepper motors, read switches, magnetic blinds, transmissions, and thousands of industrial uses.

DigiKey is an authorized distributor for over 700 suppliers. We are an authorized component distributor with the world’s largest selection with over 4 million components available to help customers find the part they need quickly and efficiently.

Radial Magnet is one of only six magnet manufacturers and producers we have hand selected to work with to provide solutions for our customers magnetic needs. Our business relationship has a proven track record of mutually beneficial success and we are happy to expand and continue building this aspect of our business model into the foreseeable future.