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Sensor Magnets

While all of our Neodymium magnets at Radial Magnets have a strong hold with corresponding material, our Neodymium sensor magnets are one of the more intricate. Neodymium is the preferred type of component for magnets due to its strength, so when it comes to the most effective sensor magnets, Radial Magnets offers the finest.

What Are Sensor Magnets?

Sensor magnets, or magnetic sensors, are permanent magnets that have the ability to change magnetic information by transforming them into electrical cues. The types of Neodymium magnetic sensors can be seen being used in all different industries and fields because of this transferring effect.

What Can A Sensor Magnet Be Used For?

These sensor magnets are particularly favored for projects involving electronics, devices, and systems. A sensor magnet is also a useful tool in the military and for a majority of security alarm systems.

What Is the Hall Effect?

The Hall Effect is where positive and negative charged material has employed force in their own directions in the surrounding magnetic area. With this, the Hall Effect is also considered a method used to determine the power produced in a magnetic field.

What Are Hall Effect Sensors?

Putting in simply, Hall Effect Sensors are magnetic sensors that are able to react to the surrounding area of magnetization.

Where Are Hall Effect Sensors Used?

Hall Effect Sensors are used in extremely common appliances and frequently used devices. In fact, these types of magnetic sensors are used in cell phones and GPS. These Hall Effect Sensors are able to make these types of technology work because they coincide with electrical circuits. It is the connections working with the sensor magnets that causes technology devices and inventions to turn both on and off.

How Do Magnetic Sensors Work?

Neodymium magnetic sensors work by determining changes in a magnetic field. To think of it visually, magnetic sensors that are used in alarm security systems are able to distinguish when an individual is present in the room because there is interruption in the magnetic field with new charges.

What Are the Qualities of An Effective Sensor Magnet?

There are several important qualities that magnetic sensors should have in order to work. Magnetic sensors need to be reliable in order to be most effective and thrive off their sensitivity to respond. Neodymium magnet sensors are exceptional in their capabilities of strength because they are the most powerful magnet known today.

What Can I Do with Magnetic Sensors?

Our magnetic sensors at Radial Magnets have a variety of uses because they are made of Neodymium, which allows for the strongest of all magnets. If you are looking for strength or setting out to experiment, then our Neodymium magnetic sensors can be the ideal product for you.

Info on Neodymium

As stated earlier, the reason for our magnet sensors being so strong and efficient is due to the leading component in them, which is Neodymium. Neodymium magnets, or neos, are actually the compilation of Neodymium, Iron, and Boron. Together all of these give the magnet a power beyond compare. A Rare Earth element, Neodymium is only found as part of other minerals. However, Neodymium remains as common as other elements, in spite of its title under the category of Rare Earth magnets.

Radial Magnets has a variety of different Neodymium magnets. We know that you have all types of projects that require magnets of specific sizes and shapes, so we offer an extensive inventory of Neodymium magnets to match your needs.