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Ring Magnets

When it comes to Neodymium magnet rings, Radial Magnets has the size and strength you have been searching for. With all of our ring magnets composed of Neodymium-Iron-Boron, we are sure you will be satisfied with the level of permanent attraction.

Neodymium Rings

Our ring magnets are a circular shape with a hole in the center. These Neodymium magnets are thin and flat, but stronger than any other magnetic force. While magnet rings are more commonly associated with being used in the mechanical industry, these powerful Neodymium ring magnets can be used for just about any project or invention.

Unique Uses for Neodymium Ring Magnets

We sell ring magnets that offer a multitude of uses, mainly because of the strength from the Neodymium in them. From simple games to arts and crafts to household hacks, these Neodymium magnet rings are beyond handy.

Have you ever jammed a battery in your flashlight so tight? Or maybe you just can’t seem to pull the battery out with your own fingers. Either way, pulling out batteries can be done via magnetic force. That’s right, batteries are magnetically compatible with Neodymium ring magnets.

Using any type of Neodymium magnet, including ring magnets, can help you to be able to close chip bags, shopping bags, and gifts by placing magnets on each side. This is great because then you have a new, unique way of closing products and gifts. Not to mention, it’s a fun way to prevent your favorite snacks from going stale.

It’s a known fact that magnets can be a huge help for jewelers. Neodymium magnetic clasps are trending in popularity and are used to temporarily close a bracelet or necklace. The magnet creates a strong attachment, which allows for the piece of jewelry to keep from opening up again or falling off easily. Though not necessarily a ring magnet, any type of Neodymium magnet is strong enough to catch on a compatible material. Other types of jewelry like actual rings and stranded pieces may include Neodymium magnet rings. This can make the beading process easier as each one sticks to another and the beading string can go right through the center hole of the magnet ring. Actual magnet rings for the finger are also trending in popularity since they can pick up corresponding materials.

It’s hardly a secret that ring magnets are useful for magic tricks since magnets have a pull to corresponding materials and can create the appearance of levitation when done properly. Even if you aren’t a professional magician, it can still be fun to fool around with “magic” tricks using your Neodymium ring magnet. You can even use your magnet ring as an actual ring and carefully trick people that you can just instantly catch your keys with no real movement required.

Neodymium magnet rings are ideal for specific pieces in technological devices and machines. It is this type of magnet that can help make these inventions run properly. For example, if you were to pull apart a cell phone, earbuds, or computer hard-drive, then you may discover Neodymium magnetic rings.

Understanding Neodymium Magnet Rings

Strength – The reason our magnet rings hold so much strength and power is due to the element they are composed of – Neodymium. Neodymium is the absolute most powerful permanent magnet on our planet. This strong element-based magnet combats demagnetization and has a powerful pull to what it attracts. The strongest of the Earth Rock magnets, Neodymium magnets have what seems to be unlimited potential. The only real drawback for the Neodymium magnets is that they start to lose magnetism when going over around 80 degrees Celsius and will completely lose their strength at 312 degrees Celsius.

Size – From a size as small as a penny to the size of a casino token, each Neodymium ring holds great force. We take pride in the magnets we put up for purchase because we know how great the properties are and we are glad you can get the best quality for all of your magnetic project needs.

For any type of scenario, Radial Magnet wants you to feel comfortable in choosing our magnets above any other company. We are proud to say that you can trust the quality and strength of our magnets. Because each magnetic product, including our magnet rings, are composed of Neodymium, their strength is impeccable.