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Neodymium block magnets are an ideal size for just about any project and activity. The strength and power of Neodymium magnets allows for anything you do to be done in full force. It can be intriguing to watch how the magnetic force of these Neodymium block magnets work.

Different Uses For Block Magnets

There is a long list of uses for Neodymium block magnets. The best part about the fact that most of our magnets are composed of Neodymium is that it allows for all of our magnets, regardless of how small they may be, to still remain capable of attracting what they magnetize with.

To put it plain and simply, magnetic blocks have a use so widespread that they could even be used as toys. Both kids and adults love playing around with these tiny Neodymium magnet blocks. It can be so interesting to people just to feel the pull between two magnets and get other corresponding materials to attract to them.

Who would have thought that a large magnet block could help pull a dent out? You can simply place a steel ball on the inside of the instrument near the dent and put the Neodymium block magnet on the outside of the instrument so that the dent can be pulled out due to the magnetic force. Continuing to move the magnet on the outside to cause the steel ball to roll back and forth can help get the dent completely out.

It is becoming more and more common to see magnetic blocks used as door catches. Whether at a retail store location, office, restaurant, or even in your home, magnetic blocks make excellent door catches. These are great particularly for sound reduction, which is caused by how well the magnets are able to catch onto one another at each end of the door. Door catching is ideal because no loud sound means no disruption. It’s not just perfect for in the home, office, and public places, but these door catches with magnetic blocks are also perfect for smaller projects like kitchen and bathroom cabinets too.

A Neodymium block magnet is so versatile, useful, and downright powerful that it can even be of use off the planet. NASA used Neodymium magnet blocks on the Mars Exploration Rovers to help them be able to attract and gather space dust particles for observation. So maybe you won’t be making a robotic vehicle to send to another planet like NASA, but the point is that with Neodymium magnetic blocks used for aid in collecting materials for research and experimentation, you could.

Whether used for fun by yourself and with friends in the home or during an act for a professional career as a magician, Neodymium magnet blocks are perfect for magic tricks. Even just used for simple tricks, these magnetic blocks can entertain a crowd. One trick sure to please your friends involving these Neodymium block magnets involves attaching a thin non visible string to a paper clip on one end and the other end to an object or material. Place the magnet a fair distance away in the air, but close enough to get a reaction from the paper clip. Then, it will appear as if the paperclip is levitating, but it will not be able to stick and reach the block magnet because of the string holding the paper clip down.

Are you a curious person or do you have an interest in science? Neodymium block magnets can be ideal for magnetic experimentation. Whether you want to test the magnetic force in foods with Iron or come up with your own magnetic object, Neodymium magnetic blocks are great tools for experiments and projects.

Neodymium block magnets are so multifaceted and allow just about anyone to find a use for them. If you are looking for some cool tricks to figure out or want to come up with your own magnetic invention, then having a Neodymium block can be not only useful, but also essential. These types of Earth Rock magnets have so many uses that their potential is enormous.

At Radial Magnets, we have the most powerful of magnets with Neodymium as the main component. Ideal at any size, our Neodymium magnets can be bought at a tiny size comparable to a penny or even around the size of a card deck. At Radial Magnets, we want to cater to each individual project you may have in mind, which is why we offer a variety of different magnet shapes. From block magnets to ring magnets to magnetic disks to rod magnets, Radial Magnets has you covered! Browse the website to find the Neodymium magnets you have been on the hunt for!